We have ended the first monthly poll in Season 2, and now it is time to reveal the results. We know the launch has been a little rocky, but most of the issues have been ironed out and are still working on polishing the experience even more. Out of 64 members 40 voted (62.5%), which is a voter turnout equal to about US elections.

Are you satisfied with Season 2 so far?

37.5% Very satistied, 55% Satisfied, 7.5% OK
This is the "no context pie", look at how much it has grown!
What is your reason for the above answer?

31 members answered with a reason for this answer. Some common reasons for their vote are:

  • Server is more active overall
  • Improved ping (it may be improved even more soon)
  • Great community
  • More things to do
  • Server is suffering from growing pains (very true, most of the issues have been ironed today at least)

Which boat should become the next spawn?

LordMasked 60%, Trevoid 25%, Denzulus 10%, OddManMc 5%
After a year of monthly polls, I've finally achieved it. THE PIE PYRAMID

The winning boat to be placed at spawn is from... LordMasked! All participants have done a good job, and we commend them for trying to build a boat fit for spawn.

The next step to take now is to build the boat itself and a port in survival. This will be accomplished utilizing the Litematica mod, which allows us to have multiple members contribute to the same build without flipping to the creative world back and forth. A guide to use Litematica can be found here.

As for the nether boat, I will put in charge the second-place winner Trevoid to build the boat on the other side of the port. The other boats may still be built in the bay if their creators so desire.

LordMasked's boat
The winning boat from LordMasked.

What should the primary nether hub theme be?

87.5% Nether theme, 12.5% Pueblo theme
We Are The Pueblo Nether

The nether hub theme will be based right off the nether itself. There will be guidelines for the nether hub released some time in the coming days, so hopefully it can be worked on alongside the overworld spawn. I propose that we have the same nether boat as the middle hub in both dimensions, but let us know of more nether hub ideas in #suggestions on Discord.

For nether shops, should they be located in a dedicated area, or placed inside the tunnels?

80% dedicated area, 20% inside tunnels
It's time to hire a mall cop

A dedicated area for the nether shops should be built, therefore that will need to be put in consideration for the nether hub.

At which Y coordinate should the floor of the nether hub be located?

57.5% 120-100, 22.5% 100-75, 10% 75-50, 10% 50-32
Hope you aren't afraid of heights

Members prefer a nether hub located right at the ceiling, presumably to avoid conflict with bases and nether structures. I believe the shop area should be built below the hub, but as always give us your ideas in #suggestions on Discord.

Which enchants would you like to see in the server?

Replenish 31 out of 40
Hoes are not mad

The only enchant to pass the 75% threshold mentioned in the poll is Replenish. It is a single-level enchant that automatically replants crops when you harvest them with the enchanted hoe. It will be available from all sources starting now.
On the next monthly poll there will be a different selection of enchants to vote for, but don't expect much more to be added, as we have 25 custom enchants, and there are 38 vanilla enchants in total.

Should we make the first /sethome free or leave it paid?

45% leave as-is, 45% make it free, 5% increase price, 5% decrease price
I hate symmetry in pies 

50/50 splits are always tough to get a result from, as there is enough demand from both sides to either make it free or keep it paid. In the meantime, I will leave it as-is, and ask the same question on the next poll to see whenever this split becomes more conclusive.

Are the staff doing a good job?

34 responses have been given to this question, and they all agree that the staff are doing a good job overall.

While we are on this question, I am announcing that one of our helpers will be to moderator, Whaysor. We believe he will do a great job in his new position, and hopefully keep the community well-behaved.

Any issues with a specific member?

28 responses have been given to this question, and pretty much all of them have no serious problems or issues with a specific member thankfully.

Any other suggestions, issues, or ideas?

24 responses have been given to this question. Below I will comment on some of these:

  • Event/Gaming/Minigame Area - We want to keep a cohesive theme across all spawn, therefore anything that is to be built at spawn must match the theme. A bullfighting coliseum is a good example of that. If members want a dedicated area for minigames to be built, then I advise that you please plan out such an area outside spawn.
  • More purchasable homes - Some members have requested the option to buy even more, but we will be staying at a maximum of 3 purchasable homes for now. We don't want there to be too much of a gap between members who don't buy homes and those that do, and we also don't want to discourage nether hub or boat/minecart/horse usage.
  • Disguise plugin - All nether mobs and minecarts have been added to the disguise perks, and has been updated accordingly to those who had purchased it.
  • Server feels modded - As mentioned in the last poll results, we are not afraid to experiment with expanding existing gameplay features, such as enchants and caves. We will remain committed to not add entirely new gameplay features like MCMMO or land claiming, rather simply expand on what vanilla is lacking. We also don't plan to add any changes that require a resource pack, so don't expect new items, blocks, or anything major.

Other announcements

  • As mentioned before, Whaysor has been promoted to moderator :)
  • We will advertise for the first time in Season 2 this Saturday assuming nothing major happens by then.
  • The 1.16.2 update will occur when our server jar (fork of a fork of a fork of a fork) and plugins update and have no fatal bugs remaining.
  • A reminder to inactive members that we no longer send any messages before kicking, so if you plan to be inactive for more than a few weeks, please let us know so we don't kick you.
  • Some members have experienced kicks when running certain WorldEdit commands; this is a known issue and it has also been affecting an unrelated command that staff members utilize. This is a bug from the server jar that it yet to be fixed due to lack of awareness and reproducibility, but I am working on raising awareness of this bug to the server jar developers to get it fixed once and for all.
  • I have been tasked with helping the tech illiterate teachers learn how to work with online teaching, this means that it is likely I won't have much time for the server beginning end of this month. I will put aStoneHoe in charge of most of the day-to-day operations and let her do tasks for the community, to reduce dependence on me as this has the chance to be a very taxing role.

Ending notes

Overall these poll results are decent, and hope the turnout stays the same or decreases for the next polls.