The end of Season 1 is coming pronto, and with it the start of the a new season. The feedback given in the poll will help shape Season 2 in a form that the majority of members can enjoy it. Out of 96 members, 37 voted (39%), which is slightly more than our last poll.

How was the overall experience in MCPueblo Season 1, starting from the whitelist process to today?

64.9% gave a score of 5/5, 24.3% gave a score of 4/5, and 10.8% gave a score of 3/5 (no ratings of 1 or 2 out of 5 thankfully).  We hope to improve the experience in Season 2 with new features, tweaks, and changes to the community.

Do you still have any pending projects in the server?

🦀🦀Server is dead🦀🦀

75.7% of you said you had no pending projects. The rest of the answers can be summed up to "my base isn't done, but I am okay with not finishing them". This is good to know as it means the reset won't be a problem even if we're still some weeks away from it. (more on that later)

Do you want the new cave features to be added?

It even looks like a sky with deep terrain.

Almost two thirds of you wanted the cave features to be added, and the other third did not want them to show up in Season 2. I will explain exactly what each feature mentioned in the poll does:

  • Cave aging - Caves that are visited/loaded frequently grow vines, stalagmites, and generate pebbles to make caves look more cavey and run down. Caves won't age due to concerns that it may ruin player builds and also decrease performance.
  • Cave-ins - When very, very low underground you should bring a rabbit foot with you to avoid cave-ins from happening. Once a cave-in happens, the cave around you collapses with a deafening blast while blinding you in the process. Cave-ins won't occur in Season 2 either for similar reasons as above.
  • More ambient sounds - Self-explanatory, new sounds will be present in Season 2.
  • Custom Structures - Tiny little structures that spawn throughout caves to make exploring more interesting. There are currently 36 different structures, including traps, pillars, boulders, and buildings with loot. New structures will make an appearance in Season 2.

Sadly some of the headline features are unfortunately gone due to concerns from the community and even some of my own. Fear not, custom structures will still appear, and these should spice up caves enough on their own.

Do you want custom mobs that only spawn inside caves?

Keep demons inside the nether!

The top three most voted mobs are the Dead Miner, the Mimic, and Cave Golems. Unfortunately, even the most voted mob is less than half of all the total votes, hence there won't be any custom mobs to show up in Season 2 at the moment.
I personally would have really liked to see the mimic on Season 2, but the point of community polls is to let them make decisions for the server, and is the reason we've been doing so since MCPueblo was born.

Which other enchants do you also want to see in Season 2?

Don't let the police have Explosive III weapons!

The top three most voted enchants are Explosive, Burst, and Bleeding respectively, so these will make their way in-game. Aside from the 3 winning enchants there will be at least 10 others enchants, and a few curses too.
The rarity of enchants plus curses will help keep the server balanced and the value of custom enchants high. There are no enchanting books for custom enchants due to limitations of the plugin.

Which form of chat would you prefer for the Minecraft -> Discord relay bot?

[TECHNOLOGY] - oh my gosh

It's a near 50/50 split, with slight favor to the classic view. We will be sticking with the classic view for now, which matches the in-game chat more but not regular Discord chat like the modern look would've.

Connection Issues

The render distance questions have become defunct, as it turns out the issues were with our host location the whole time.
For Season 2 we will use the same host, but moved to Ashburn, VA with slightly improved specifications. Most of you reported the new location either pings the same, or is significantly improved and more consistent than the previous location, New York City.

Suggestions and/or Comments

  • Keep it vanilla - This statement has been parroted across many suggestions. To be fair, the server already has a wide variety of features that aren't considered vanilla like custom recipes, /home, more mob heads, instant leaf decay, single player sleep, no phantoms, etc. I will be toning down the teleportation commands in Season 2 as some consider them a cheat, but something I would rather not tone down are new gameplay features to make the server more unique. The current server description says "The main goal of our server is to provide you with a feature-rich in-game experience, while not straying far from the core vanilla gameplay." I would argue that the cave features, cave mobs, and custom enchants are things that have been requested to be added to Minecraft before, and would therefore make sense if they were added in-game in a manner consistent with the core gameplay.
  • Will Season 2 be longer? - I expect Season 2 to last until the hypothetical 1.19 update, estimated 2-3 years. A potential Season 3 would most likely launch with the 1.20 update, but before a new reset happens, there must be a community vote like we did a few months ago.
  • Please wait until Optifine is released before updating - I will wait a little if progress is quick, otherwise the new season will start at a scheduled date. There won't be a repeat of the 1.15 update (Optifine took months to release something, and it's still in the pre-release stage today).
  • Staff - There is a valid complaint about both inactive staff and the inconsistency in punishments. I will reform the rules and how they're applied to members, and possibly hire more staff in Season 2.
  • A theme around players pretending to be their own fictional territories (Political but fun Minecraft basically) - This is an interesting theme that could be played with on Season 2. I can plan something with the writer of this suggestion.
  • Make the whitelisting process a bit more thorough - The whitelist process will be stricter and focus heavily on maturity, more so than we've ever done before.

Season 2 Spawn Area

Well, here is it. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: the spawn point is not the middle of the image.

Ending Notes

With the 1.16 release date announced for June 23th, beware that the server won't reset/update immediately after launch. I am confident that in a few days after the initial release I can finally give a date for the launch of Season 2. We may have been fairly secretive about the next season, but stay tuned anyways for the next season :)