Hello there, below are the results of the poll. Out of 92 members on MCPueblo, 34 voted (36%) which is still a decent percentage, but not as high as before.

How satisfied are you with MCPueblo at the moment?

The votes here are about as expected, so still the same mostly satisfied community.

What should be the theme for spawn in Season 2?

Even split between Oriental/Asian and Modern/Futuristic.

It is quite evenly split, with Medieval/Fantasy being the least voted, Wild West the second least voted, and Oriental/Asian and Modern/Futuristic at a tie for winner. Because of this, I will do one final vote on the spawn theme, found right here: https://strawpoll.com/ckw1g5r4. This will be the same link on Discord, so don't vote twice! Ends May 16th at 10 AM EST.

MCPueblo's Anniversary Event on May 17th

Below I will list a schedule for the games that will be played inside the server that day, all times on EST, but suject to change. Each game will have large prizes.

  • 3:00 PM - A few rounds of Capture the Flag and Deathmatch at the Fire vs Ice park.
  • 4:00 PM - A build battle in the creative world.
  • 6:00 PM - Monopoly.
  • 8:00 PM - Mystery event at the spawn castle.

Any additional suggestions or comments?

  • There are some concerns as to why Yamikase has become a staff member. The reason I choose him out of anybody else is because of he has a good balance between activity and maturity, and has had previous experience with moderation, so that's why he was picked even if he is relatively new compared to others.
  • Make the seed public in season 2 - This has been requested multiple times even for S1, and while the pros are that some farms are easier to build, it does also mean that underground structures and ores are easily revealed, and also the end and nether fortresses. I will still consider the suggestion, but it won't be immediately revealed at the start of S2. (perhaps later on)
  • Bring Bragus Back so he can beat me with his bone - I want him back too :(
  • Make the skipping night faster and add the glow feature back to the /disguise command - Will adjust both in S2.

If you are a staff member, please keep on reading. If you aren't, also please keep on reading.

Did not a single member actually fall for this?!

Yes, that question was just a prank! Staff members weren't supposed to hit yes. Y'all are some very honest people.

You've reached the end. This was quite a short poll, but work on Season 2 is still under progress. I better see everyone on May 17th for the events!