The Season 2 voting form has ended, and so comes with it the reveal of the results. There are many surprises in this entire article, so please be sure to read. for Out of 105 members in Discord, 48 members (45%) voted, which is the highest voter turnout we've had in many months. This is quite an achievement, and we have our active community to thank for it. Not to linger too long on the introduction, below are the questions and winning answers:

How long have you approximately been a member of MCPueblo?

Most of the voting members have been on MCPueblo for 1-3 months.

How has your experience with the server across the current season been?

The community all agree that they've have had a very good and positive time on the server. Most of the complaints found in this question have since been addressed in the past, and those that still apply will be kept in mind for S2.

Should we reset for the 1.16 update?

Quite unexpected.

I'll be honest, I expected closer to a 50/50% split for this question, but nope, members voted for a reset with an overwhelming majority. Only 3 members did not want a reset. Now that the fate of the server is known, I want everybody to keep the following in mind:

  • Keep on contributing and building on the current world.
  • Season 2/1.16 update is still far, especially since the snapshots keep on introducing tonnes of new features.
  • The reset will only occur when we update, the server won't reset during the period we stay on 1.15.2
  • Performance and stability is still a concern, and we will delay the update/reset if it ends up becoming an issue.
  • There will be a world download for Season 1 after the beginning of Season 2.

What terrain do you prefer for Season 2?

It's a 60/40% split for whenever members want default terrain or some form of amplified terrain.

It is clear that members still want to keep their default terrain in some form, with only 8.3% wanting to go full amplified. I have been itching for a custom terrain generator since I started the server, but they are costly and yet with the cost still have bugs that makes them a deal-breaker. There is a new one with promising results as seen below, but it is still WIP with only one biome and no vanilla ones included.

Should we introduce a world specifically designed for resource-gathering that resets frequently, to avoid damaging the main world's terrain?

Almost even split.

Considering how close to 50/50% it is, it's likely that I won't add a resource-gathering world to Season 2. A member had suggested that instead of a whole world, that we dedicate specific biomes to gather resources, then rollback the biome every once in a while. That is likely the route we will be following for S2.

Should Phantoms make a return?

Shoo Phantoms, only a third of our members like you.

Shall we add custom enchants for season 2?

Both this question and the above question have a perfect 2/3 split. Coincidence? I think not.

Custom enchants will be coming to Season 2. They will be obtainable in tools/armor inside natural loot chests (End cities, Woodland mansions, villages, etc.), and using the enchanting table. There will be both good and bad enchants. I have mentioned that you may be able to pick which enchants will make it into the game in the future, and this will apply to the more "controversial" enchants. Below are 5 example enchants: (not guaranteed to all make it in S2)

  • Aerial [1-5]: Does more damage while the player is in the air.
  • Stickiness [1-3]: The cursed item, once held, must be held for a certain amount of time. You just can't let go!
  • Rampage [1-3]: The more you kill, the stronger you get. Cools off after a while.
  • Magnetic [1-3]: Slowly draws any ground items around the player towards them.
  • Mirage [1-5]: Moves the ground around the player slightly when swinging a weapon. Also sends nearby entities in the air.

Should the creative world stick with the flat world, or move into a plot world?

Guess nobody in the server can... plot against the staff.

I was certain a plot world would win due to lack of resets and griefing, but as seen above this is not the case. I may instead offer land claiming in creative for those who don't want their builds to be touched.

Any additional suggestions for Season 2?

Below I will pick a few suggestions and comment on them:

  • Perhaps some events - See, the issue is back when we ran events weekly, few people joined, and eventually we stopped. I will possibly try running one this weekend, and it won't be an UHC event, so stay tuned!
  • Anarchist communism is more fun than capitalism. - Alright then.
  • For the creative world, could you please use like a flat overworld setting? - I will try to figure a way of increasing the depth of the flat world on the next reset of the creative world.
  • I would love to see the server as a whole to go for more "vanilla", /home and /spawn are overpowered in my opinion and I prefer to remove them. - Some of may have noticed no teleportation-related questions in this voting form, and it is because I have a plan for them already :)

What theme would you like for the next spawn?

I have seen some nice themes on this question, and I will soon create a Strawpoll with 4 options, potentially coming next week as to plan the spawn early.

What is your preferred activity?

Building is pretty popular, with PvP being surprisingly unpopular. The next event will be building-related.

If we add a modded server, would you play on it?

A fair few members are interested in mods.

There is enough interest for a modded server, however this will only happen once I see enough activity in the vanilla server. This will likely not be tied to seasons, considering how infrequently mods update (1.14.4 modpacks are only just starting to become a thing, 1.12.2 modpacks are still the most common version)

Any complaints about a specific member who is currently in the server?

All complaints given here will be dealt with as of the release of this article. (If you do not say thanks when you join and are welcomed, you will be sent to detention)

How's our staff team doing?

Zero complaints about our staff, just pure positivity :)

Ending notes

I am really proud of how far the server has gotten since it launched on May 17th, 2019. We've been through many ups and downs, but in the end we still are up and alive. I will begin working on a secret test server, to make sure everything remains ready for 1.16. If you still have any doubts, please ask JuanDelPueblo inside the MCPueblo Discord.