It is with great regret that I must create this announcement a mere month after the launch of Season 2, but it had to be done for my own sake. MCPueblo will be shut down within a couple of months for a few reasons of which I will be listing in a moment.

We have (mostly) enjoyed the experience over the year, and we will very much miss the community that had managed to form and will sadly have to be disbanded. Members have done a lot work on both Season 1 and 2, and I also have learned a lot from this experience, so it really is a shame that I am planning to shut down so soon. I hope no hard feelings are given due to this announcement, and hope you understand why I had to do it.

Why do you want to shutdown MCPueblo?

The 3 primary reasons I am wanting to shutdown MCPueblo are:

1. Time - Back when I first launched Season 1 I had plenty of time to work on the server, even after school started. However, after the big disaster of January, a new home, and the start of the pandemic, I haven't had as much time as I would like to have to work on the server or to host events in time. This summer has been a rather busy one, and once school started alongside me assisting teachers with tech support, the time to work on the server just was not enough to even do proper maintenance.

2. Motivation - This is honestly the biggest reason out of the trio. Ever since April my interest in Minecraft quickly dropped, as I simply could not stand playing survival anymore. Considering how the server is centered around the survival experience, owning MCPueblo became less and less fun and more of a chore for me. I almost shut it down in May but then the community was what motivated me to keep developing Season 2. In the end the lack of time caused some features to be cut off the launch, and a delayed buggy launch, which made me drop even more features; this dropped my motivation for the server more as Season 2 was not up to the experience I had planned. I tried to force myself to play survival in S2 for a bit but I got bored quickly; I couldn't pretend to like the game anymore.

3. Health - As of now I have no illness to worry about, however one could say I had been neglecting my body somewhat, especially during the last few weeks of Season 2 development. All the constant typing hurt my wrist to the point of requiring a wrist rest, and my legs tend to ache after sitting for a long time. The time freed up by removing MCPueblo from my responsibilities would help me take care of my body more, and improve my future self.

Couldn’t you put someone else in charge?

I could, yes, but I fear that the server won’t last long or run to my expectations.

As far as I know I am the only person on the server to have the combined knowledge of programming (Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), Linux administration, and Minecraft server management; the server wouldn't be as advanced or feature rich if not for my knowledge. I really wouldn't want to hire a stranger to replace me, as they might change up the server drastically, not know how to manage it, or ruin it entirely.

If you or someone believe they have the above knowledge and want to try continuing MCPueblo, contact me anyways but I can't guarantee you anything.

When will MCPueblo shutdown?

As of now, my preliminary date for the shutdown is November 1st but this could change depending on the server activity by then. This should give us at least 2 months before the shutdown, which is enough time to finish remaining projects and say goodbye to all.

How will MCPueblo shutdown?

What should you be doing after this announcement? Play as usual.

The server will function as normal until November, which is when I will start shutting down the server. Before that however, I will try to make these final months a fun time. Events of different types will be hosted and I will be starting at least 2 giveaways, so don’t leave now. Continue your long-term projects, as we will release a full world download once we have shut down for good.

What about Puebleños?

The store will be shut down, as I believe we’ll have enough to sustain the server until the shutdown, plus enough for some giveaways.

I will not be pocketing the server funds, so expect the funds to be invested into the server. Existing members may get Puebleño Points through the events, and by the final month the perks will be free to all for those who has not had a chance to get a single point.

What’s next after MCPueblo?


I have no plans to start another gaming community for the foreseeable future, let alone a new Minecraft server. I may potentially look into recommending another server with similar features and redirect all members there in order to keep the community as united as possible. Otherwise, my plan is to simply advance in life.

I know this news came out of nowhere, and I sincerely apologize for starting a new season then creating plans to shut it down a month later. Unfortunate situations that occurred to me this month led me to writing this post, but I will still miss everyone after I shut it down. Hope everyone has a good time before and after the end of MCPueblo.


  • MCPueblo will shut down November 1st due to lack of time, motivation, and health.
  • Server will function until then, so play as usual.
  • There will be a world download of Season 2.
  • Events and giveaways will be ran during these last months.